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The system does not accept the password

  • In order for the password to be accepted, cookies and java scripts have to be activated on Internet Explorer. See the relevant direction at " Internet Explorer Settings".
  • The code may contain letters in the Latin alphabet. Check the SMS you received carefully.

I have sent a message and I don't receive the password

  • If you received a message that "The access service to Xrisi Efkeria is temporarily unavailable ", try to send the message a little bit later.
  • If you received a message that "The service was not found", try to send a message with capital letters in Eglish having the T9 function at your telephone deactivated.
  • If you send a message but do not receive any answer, the problem is probably caused by a temporary problem in the mobile phone service provider. Try to send the message in 30 minutes.

If you continue to have a problem call (+30) 210 9091334.

"The password you have entered is already used by another user"

Try closing all the other Internet Explorer pages and wait for 2 to 3 minutes, so that it looks like you have disconnected. When you re-enter click on the left side at Members Area, enter the password and then do the search you wish.


In order to have access to the e-version of Xrisi Efkeria you must have Internet Explorer (5.0 version or higher) or Firefox with activated cookies and java scripts installed in your system. In some cases Greek has to be chosen as a default language from the software (Microsoft windows) regional settings menu.

Internet Explorer Setting

In order for the password to be accepted, you must have cookies activated in Internet Explorer. In particular from the menu Tools -> Internet Options -> Security the option "Security level for this zone"must be medium. In order to set that you may click on the Default box which is on the same menu.
In case the Internet Explore version is 6.0 or higher, from the menu Internet Options -> Privacy the setting "privacy setting"must be medium


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